Where community matters.

Everdays helps you notify and bring together friends and family when a loved one passes away.

How Everdays Works


Add announcement information.

Include a family message, event details, and more to create a beautiful mobile memorial announcement.

Send to important family and friends.

Instantly send a personalized and private note to selected contacts in one click — ensuring everyone important receives the information.

Make memories a part of life through Stories.

Rediscover favorite moments of the ones you’ve loved through curated collections of meaningful photos and videos.


After losing someone close, it’s critical to have friends, family, and community there. There to be present, there to listen, there for themselves, but mostly — there for all of you to be together.

Teresa Broom
Best Friend
Don Champs
Herbert Black
College Friend
Lina Cears


A feature that lets you, family, friends, and others share their favorite moments from your loved one’s life. Stories automatically creates a collection of the most meaningful photos and videos for all to enjoy.

Making a Difficult Time More Manageable

Let us help you celebrate with those who matter most.

Never Miss Someone Important

Sync your contacts or follow the funeral homes of your choice. We’ll notify you when someone within your circle of friends, family, or community passes away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this send to my contacts?

We send text messages and emails on your behalf, via an Everdays phone number and email address, to only those contacts you’ve selected. Messages received contain a link to the announcement.

Why I would add other managers?

Managers have the special ability to broadcast your announcement to multiple contacts at once, edit services, and view the RSVP status of invited contacts.

What happens if I change service information?

All invitees will automatically receive a notification for the update via text, email, or in-app notification.